Rental car

What are the features to look for while choosing a vehicle?

- The size of the vehicle: it is obvious that you will get more pleasure from a trip if choose the vehicle that provides both enough comfort and place for all passengers. For this purpose, you should pay attention to its size and capacity.

- The way of booking: you can select a class/category or a particular vehicle yourself:

- If you make a reservation by category, you should know that the car indicated in the booking form illustrates only an example of this category, i.e. it could be an equivalent model with the same specifications as the number of seats and doors, air conditioning, transmission and fuel type.

- If you wish to book a particular model, please note make a comment to your order. You will thus be able to secure the exact car of your choice. The selected vehicle can be replaced by another one only upon force majeure issues (the former customers did not return it on time, the vehicle is technically out of order and in need of renovation, etc.). In such cases, the car rental company offers its customers another vehicle of the same class or even a better one for the same price.

- Pick-up location. We offer free delivery to Thessaloniki airport, Thessaloniki, and also to the main locations in Halkidiki for bookings of 10 days or more. Please check the delivery terms to your location by enquiring via online chat or by phone.

- Insurance policy. The standard insurance is TPL (Third Party Liability Insurance). For an additional fee, we offer CDW with a deductible of EUR 250 or more. You can find detailed information in the section called “Payment, deposit, and insurance”.

Driver requirements

What documents are required for hiring a car?

At the time of the vehicle pickup, you have to show the rental voucher from Aktis Car, the driving license, and a passport or any other identity card with your photograph. Please while booking check if international driving license is required.

 The car hire companies also sign the rental agreement with all their customers. You should carefully read all the paragraphs and sign it only if you agree with all the terms and conditions. If there is an additional driver, he should also sign the paper.

What type of driving license do I need to hire a car?

You need to have a driving license which is valid in the country you wish to rent a vehicle in. The text data of the document should be displayed in English or in the Roman alphabet. If your license was not issued in the EU, you must also present an International Driving Permit. Pay attention that the IDP is valid only when you show it with a driving license issued in your own country. Many car rental companies require the drivers’ license to be held for at least two years. Some classes and models of vehicles are leased only if a person has a driving experience more than two years.

Note that all the copies or scans of the documents are not valid when you hire a car.

What does an additional driver need?

The additional driver who also signs the rental agreement should have the same documents as the main driver. All the rental terms are applied to both drivers, he should also be present when you sign the agreement and obtain the car.

You can choose the Additional driver option while booking or when collecting the vehicle. Please note that additional charges may apply.

What are the age requirements for hiring a vehicle?

Most countries set a uniform age of 23, which is also the age we adhere to. 

For high-end rentals, the minimum age is 27.

How do I find the car hire office upon arrival?

You can see the data related to the company’s location (as well as the spot on the map) on our website.  If the pickup point is specified as the company office, the address and phone number will be displayed accordingly.

In case if the pickup spot is an airport, our representative will meet you with a nameplate on arrivals. Finally, if the pickup place is the hotel, then our representative will be waiting for you at the reception. In case if you have any difficulties in finding the representative of the car hire company, you should contact us on +30 697 8178612.

Features to pay attention when you pick up the car

We recommend you to check:

  • All the visible damages on the vehicle. You should necessarily mention all of them in the rental agreement and take pictures;

  • the location of a spare wheel and tools for its replacement;

  • the availability of the rental agreement copy;

  • the exact address you have to leave the rented vehicle at the end of the rental period;

  • what kind of fuel the car requires;

  • are you aware of what to do in case of an accident on the road or vehicle damage;

  • the money (cash) to cover toll-fees and pay for fuel at the gas station, because bank cards are not accepted everywhere.

Insurance, payment, and deposit

What is the prepayment of the total cost I have to pay when booking?

We accept bookings without prepayment. You pay all the amount to our representative at the time when you collect the vehicle. You can pay both by card and in cash (if you would like to pay by card, please specify that in the comments).

How do I make payment on Aktis Car?

You can use cash, and bank cards Visa and MasterCard.

Is it obligatory to pay the deposit when you hire a vehicle?

Yes, it is obligatory. That is how it protects itself from the loss of money in case of car damage. The deposit sum depends on the class of vehicle, but usually it is 250 euro.

When you return the vehicle, the car hire company unblocks the deposit if the car was not damaged during your trip. 

What is the excess amount?

The excess amount is the amount a customer will have to pay in case of his vehicle’s damage or theft.

Where can I find the information about my hired vehicle’s excess amount?

The rates are different per each vehicle. The best way to find them out is to read the rental terms, specified in the card of the vehicle. In most of our cars the excess is 250 euro.

How do I know what type of insurance my rental vehicle has?

We offer standard TPL insurance and Theft Protection cover.

What is TPL insurance meaning?

TPL is the “Third Party Liability”. In case if you are involved in traffic accident and that is the fault of the third person, all the expenses will be covered by the culprit insurance company.

If you are the one who is responsible for the accident or it happened that somebody has damaged your vehicle and fled the scene, you should know that all the expenses become your obligation. The cover also does not apply in case of damage of the windshield, tires, and interior of the vehicle. In such a case, you must necessarily have the copy of the police report about the accident or damage.

What is TP insurance?

TP (Theft Protection) is a type of cover that limits your responsibility to the excess amount in case if someone steals the vehicle. TP does not cover the driver’s private stuff.

What is CDW?

The Collision Damage Waiver is a particular optional insurance that covers all repair expenses exceeding the excess amount. For example, if the vehicle damage is estimated at €1000, while the excess amount is €300, the driver will pay only €300. The rest of the money will be covered by insurance. However, pay attention that the cover is not valid in case if you cause the damage of the windshield, tires, and interior. Furthermore, in case of vehicle damage, you should necessarily have a copy of the police officer’s report.

What is SCDW?

Super Collision Damage Waiver is a specific type of insurance that covers all repair expenses, including windshield, tires, and interior issues. There is no excess amount in this case.

Do I have to pay any local taxes?

All taxes can be divided into several categories: administrative, ecological, contract, etc. Some of them can be paid only upon arrival in a foreign country. However, most car rental companies have already taken care of the customer’s comfort. When you hire a car, all extra expenses are included in the cost.

Vehicle equipment, options and additional services

How do I pay for extra equipment?

All the extra amenities you specify while booking is paid upon collecting a vehicle. On the voucher, you will see the price and the data related to equipment expenses. A child seat is offered as a matter of course, while all other amenities are provided upon availability at the moment of booking.

What is a fuel policy?

You get the vehicle with the full tank and you should deliver it full. It is one of the best and clear policies. Find the nearest gas station to refuel the vehicle before giving it back. Otherwise, the company will apply fees for the tank fuelling.

In rare cases, we use another policy. You obtain and return the car with the same quantity of fuel in the tank. It does not have to be full. The key task to deliver the vehicle with the fuel mark which coincides with the initial one.

What mileage conditions does my vehicle have?

Our car hire company do not limit mileage.

Can I take the car into another country?

If you plan to travel from one country to another, you should clarify this issue with our managers. Sometimes we may admit such a possibility only for a particular class of vehicles.

What should I do if I get the fine during the rental period?

Every customer is responsible for all the fines he/she gets during the rental period.

If the fine comes to the car hire company after you return the car, it has all rights to withdraw that amount from the frozen deposit. The company might also require pay fees for fine handling. However, the car hire company should show you the evidence of the fine existence, i.e. it should prove that the fine was written out at the time of your rent.

What should I do in case of a traffic accident?

In case of an accident on the road, vehicle damage or theft as well as any technical issue, you should contact the car hire company to clarify the further steps. The company contacts are usually indicated both in an agreement and a voucher.

Change and cancellation of booking

How soon do I get a booking confirmation?

In most cases, the booking is confirmed within a few minutes. The maximum waiting time is 24 hours. If you make a reservation less than 2 days before the required date, we recommend you to contact us by phone.

What is the minimum term for car rental?

The minimum term for renting a vehicle is 3 days (72 hours). 

What is the maximum term for car rental?

We do not limit the rental period. For long-term rentals and special rates, contact us via online chat or phone.

What if I return the car earlier than my drop-off time? Will I get any compensation?

Of course, you can return the vehicle earlier. However, no compensations will be offered.

What if I return the car later than my drop-off time?

If you cannot deliver the vehicle on time, you should contact the manager of a car hire company in advance. If you are late even for one hour, the company might apply fees as per full additional day of usage.

How can I extend the rental period?

If you have not received the vehicle yet, you can correct the rental period by contacting the Aktis Car by phone or by e-mail at info@aktis.rent. If the rental period has already started, you should ask the managers of a car hire company, the contacts of which are indicated in the booking voucher and the contract. Thus, we would like to draw your attention that the rental price might be different from the initially booked.

Do I need to pay additional drop fees if I drop off a rental car after hours?

In case if you want to pickup or drop-off the vehicle afterhours, you have to agree this possibility in advance. Additional charges may apply.

Why do you need my flight number?

The company requires the flight number to calculate the time its driver will need to reach the airport and meet you there. If you do not enter this data, the company’s manager will not be sure if you come on time or the flight is delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions, etc.

What should I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you should contact the car hire company and/or Aktis Car as quickly as possible. If the company knows the flight number, it will deliver the vehicle right when you need it. Aktis Car cannot be held responsible in case of any changes that occur upon the flight delay/cancellation.

Can I pick up the vehicle later than it is mentioned in the order?

If there are any changes and delays, you have to immediately contact the car rental company and clarify a possibility to sign the contract and pick the vehicle up later.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your paid rental without paying fines not later than 48 hours before the start of the rental period. In this case, you will pay only 4% that is applied by the payment service. In case of cancellation later the mentioned term, the deposit payment will not be returned.

What should I do if I have not received a booking voucher to my email?

In accordance with the rules of our service, a booking voucher is sent on your email within a maximum of 24 hours after you pay the deposit. If you have not received the voucher after the mentioned term, please contact us. We will quickly solve the issue.

What do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your order by filling out the form in your personal account on our website not later than 48 hours before the beginning of a car rental. If there are any questions, you can always consult our managers.

What does “no show” mean?

No show is when you:

- Want to cancel your booking but you are not making actual cancellation and do not inform us about your intentions;

- do not pick up the vehicle at the appointed time and date;

- do not show the obligatory documents which are required to get the car;

- do not provide a credit card issued on behalf of your driver with the required amount of money (if it is the necessary condition of a particular car hire company).

In all these cases, the customer does not receive the prepayment for his vehicle back.

Can I amend my booking?

That is possible only if you cancel the current booking and place a new one. After the cancellation, your vehicle will be automatically shown in the general list of currently available vehicles. It can be reserved by another customer in case if you miss placing a new booking earlier. Otherwise you could contact s and we'll try to amend your booking without cancellation.

What if our company amends your booking?

It happens sometimes that we or the car hire company have to make particular amends in your booking after its confirmation. In such a case, we will necessarily inform you about any changes. If the offered solution is not suitable for you, we return money or provide another option. However, we bear no responsibility for any type of loss in case of your cancellation.

What if I received a booking voucher on my e-mail and discovered that some data is incorrect?

In such cases, you should contact us on +30 6978178612 or by e-mail at info@aktis.rent, specifying the reservation number and the data you need to change.

Can I rent a vehicle for someone else?

Yes. It is possible. However, to obtain a vehicle, this person will have to sign the contract and provide all necessary documents for car hire.

What if the car hire company did not receive the data about my booking?

Please immediately contact us on +30 697 8178612.

What if I have some questions after my rental term is expired?

If you have forgotten your personal items in the car, you should also contact the car rental company. If you have any comments regarding the provided service, you can contact our manager. You will need to clearly explain the point of the complaint. We provide you with an answer after we have clarified all the issues with the rental company. The situation will depend on the case, type of insurance and details related to the incident.